17 minutes

P=mg is the physics formula for weight, the gravity force pulling an object towards the Earth, just because it is in the vicinity of the Earth. This force is omnipresent, it impacts every particle of our body and it is constantly pulling us towards the ground, although we’re so used to it we’re not even aware of it.

Besides this inevitable physical dimension, I wanted to draw attention to a psychological dimension, just as universal as the first one, a weight we are often not aware of either, that makes us veer off course or slows us down. Sometimes it comes from other people, sometimes from ourselves, our fears, our believes, our prejudices… I think that if my family hadn’t been so against my wish to dance, I may never have become a professional dancer.

On a bare stage, P=mg is an experiment, a trial situation with gravity amplified : which stages would a body have to go through to adapt and overcome that exacerbated gravity? How can such constraint become fuel, a springboard to aim further and higher, enabling the body to reach a place it might never have reached without that obstacle?

Choreographed and performed by Jann Gallois
Sound designer Jean-Charles Zambo
Light designer Cyril Mulon
Costume Marie-Cécile Viault

Production Cie BurnOut
Coproduction IADU (Initiatives d’Artistes en Danses Urbaines, Fondation de France / La Villette, avec le soutien de la Caisse des Dépôts et de l’Acsé)
Residencies Theatre de Suresnes Jean Vilar • Micadanse / Paris

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  • Named « Best choreographic hope of the year » by the newspaper Tanz – Germany
  • 1rst Prize Solo Dance Contest of Gdansk – Poland
  • Audience Prize Hiverôclites CDC Les Hivernales in Avignon – France


  • 1st Prize Machol Shalem Danse House in Jerusalem – Israel
  • Audience Prize Masdanza in Gran Canaria – Spain
  • Aerowaves Priority Companies in London – UK
  • Choreographic Prize & Audience Prize at the International Solo-Tanz Theater Festival in Stuttgart –  Germany


  • Paris Young Talent Prize – France
  • Beaumarchais-SACD Prize – France