53 minutes

Diagnostic F20.9 was born from my interest for brain mechanisms that deal with the loss of control of the body and the mind. As a dancer and choreographer, I have been working for many years on a daily basis to acquire an extreme control of my own body and I found myself questioning about the reverse process : when and how can this control mechanism derail ?

In this sense, while studying cognitive dysfunctions, I immersed myself into the psychiatric medical community and discovered a very well spread illness, victim of many prejudices and yet, still unknown by most of the people : schizophrenia, listed in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) at the chapter F20.9.

The several meetings and exchanges I experienced with schizophrenics gave me this desire to transcribe this mental disorder into a vocabulary of the body.

Such people, as rich as they are, both by their sensitivity and their intelligence deserve, according to me, a testimony in order to destigmatize this disease

Jann Gallois

Choreography, texts and performance Jann Gallois
Sound designer Alexandre Bouvier
Light designer Cyril Mulon
Costume Marie-Cécile Viault

Production Cie BurnOut
Coproduction Theatre de Suresnes Jean Vilar • Maison Folie Wazemmes de Lille • Arcadi ile-de- France / Dispositifs d’accompagnements • IADU (Fondation de France / La Villette avec le soutien de la caisse des Dépôts et de l’Acsé) • La Briqueterie / CDC du Val-de-Marne • CDC Atelier de Paris / Carolyn Carlson • Avec le soutien de la DRAC Île-de-France / Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication
Residencies SINARTS Cultural Center Budapest • 104 Pari • Anciennes cuisines / Fabrique artistique de Ville-Evrard

Thanks to Fred Levan, Estelle Botvinik and the Colbert Medical Center of Paris 12

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