Diego-T.SarroiDiego Torres Sarroi is a french arts manager/producer based in Paris with an experience spreading over 12 years. Former professional dancer for various international choreographers such as Jochen Ulrich, Joost Vrouenraets, Claude Brumachon/Benjamin Lamarche, Anne-Marie Porras, Medhi Walerski, Dane Hurst, Carole Brown or Malia Johnston amongst others, he successfully moved to the production side of dance since 2012, completing a Master’s degree in arts administration in 2014.

Always curious to discover new artists and performances of high quality, it was while traveling and working with the different artists, companies and projects he got involved in as a performer, that he developed this inherent desire to discover what is beyond the stage and the organisation of artistic and cultural projects. Providing support to different artists and artistic creation is what motivates him.

Over the past years he has worked for different dance organizations and festivals in New-Zealand and France such as DANZ (Dance Aotearoa New Zealand), Tempo Dance Festival, Montpellier Danse and Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis. Until July 2015, he worked for Val Productions, a company which produces dance shows in the Parisian region and on tour throughout France and overseas.

Since then, he created CCDA | Jardin Humain in order to develop artistic projects in their diversities. Currently providing artistic support in production and touring to different artists and companies.