Artistic and production centre based in Paris, its aim is to develop artistic and cultural projects in their diversities. At this time, CCDA | Jardin Humain’s main activities are the creation of projects as well as the artistic support for artists and companies in production and touring in France and overseas.

James Batchelor 2 EN

« James Batchelor’s ISLAND offers an enthralling glimpse of a cyberpunkish, posthuman utopia, a choreographic world of overlapping spaces, uncanny bodies and wistful satellites. » – Time Out Melbourne

James Batchelor 1 EN

« METASYSTEMS is an extraordinarily interesting and ultimately beautiful work. It is notable for its originality and complexity » – Bill Stephens, City News Australia

Jann Gallois 2 EN

« A precise and energetic choreography, movements of great subtlety and an interpretation as accurate as virtuoso favours wonderfully Jann Gallois’ intention. » – Delphine Baffour, Danse avec la plume

Jann Gallois 1 EN

« The audacity and accuracy of Jann Gallois, wonderful surprise of Suresnes Cités Danse. » – Culturebox